Origin of the Wind-Eyes Dragon

Rick was born without a trace of magic, a phenomenon that immediately caught the attention of the elders of Dragon Island. Fearing the consequences, his parents concealed him on the island‘s periphery, hoping to avoid the scrutiny of their fellow dragons. After all, being a dragon without magic was considered a capital offense.

However, Rick refused to be disheartened by his circumstances. Instead, he was filled with curiosity and determination about his heritage. During an exploration, he stumbled upon a mysterious underground cavern, where he discovered ancient secrets of the dragon race. It was there that he encountered Master Yi, a reclusive mentor who imparted upon him the mysteries of harnessing the power of the wind.

As time passed, Rick‘s abilities grew, and during a fateful incident, he obtained the Wind Eye Armor and weapons infused with the essence of the wind. His strength underwent a profound transformation, empowering him like never before. He dared to challenge the traditional beliefs of the dragon society, courageously pursuing his own destiny.

When dark forces from another world invaded Dragon Island, Rick fearlessly stepped forward, leading his kin in a heart-stopping battle against the encroaching darkness. In a climactic showdown with the leader of the dark forces, Rick demonstrated astonishing strength and wisdom, ultimately emerging victorious and safeguarding the dragon race.

However, Rick did not return through the gateway to the other world. His heroic deeds became the most illustrious chapter in dragon folklore, forever etched into the annals of the dragon race.
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